2019 Useless experience 2 Moscow
2018 It’s a very strange place VI Moscow International Biennale for Young Art Special project
2016 Enter and permit CCI Fabrika

2018 Useless experience Elektrozavod gallery
2018 Love no one Elektrozavod gallery

2019 Here and Now Moscow Manege
2019 Annihilation CCA Winzavod
2018 Shit. Exhibition in the entrance Moscow
2018 Phantom museum CCI Fabrika
2018 Number fund Richter project
2018 Uncertain artist XL Projects
2018 Exhibition of stolen art Zverev center
2017 MMXVII Elektrozavod gallery
2017 Art.148. Art as blasphemy White Cube Blockchain Gallery
2017 XX Elektrozavod gallery
2017 Sclerotium Elektrozavod gallery
2017 Waffle secret exhibition Elektrozavod gallery 
2016 Reparation of space and time Elektrozavod gallery
2016 Work in progress Elektrozavod gallery