uncertain artist

uncertain artist

23 january 2018 – 24 february 2018
xl projects

curators: viktoria malkova, natasha timofeeva

artists: almema, elena artemenko, dima gred, natalya grezina, dasha gusakova, alexander batalov, sasha burkhanova-khabadze, elizaveta veselova, kuzko alexey, victoria malkova and polina moskvina, angelina merenkova, anastasia sukhareva-morozova, pavel soloviev, natasha timofeeva, timur khurramov

what else can i say 2

in 1964 arthur danto wrote the artworld which has later become the basis for the institutional theory of art
if an artist is not only a certain actor in the world of art not only the co- producer of this world and the world of his own art which establishes the interrelationships between the things inside it thereby answering certain questions outside it how to make the utterance as contemporary and meaningful as possible is not this the classics of the conceptual school described as an attempt to jump into the locomotive of modernity
last summer i tried to become a kind of serious artist for myself pushing self to go through this seemingly inevitable stage of trying to re- think the legacy of the historical avant-garde but if you constantly run after the last car you will never get to the locomotive but is it really necessary yes definitely it is necessary but it is difficult to describe this internal necessity in any type of verbal language it seems that not being able to make a conversation with the world as all common people i do it with the help of art
but what does this add to the achievements of past eras
and what else can i say